Dinner on the river: cucumber tomato pesto salad, spicy picked cucumber red onion salad, local shrimp, cilantro bay scallop cucumber salad

Grilled tomato, fried prosciutto, motz, basil, pine nuts, micro greens, balsamic reduction, Maldon sea salt

White balsamic tomato salad: local tomatoes, rainbow radish, red onion, local butter lettuce

Tuna tartare: diced mango, diced cucumber, spicy citrus tartare, avocado purée, togarachi crisps, yuzu wasabi soy sauce

Took a long break while I was in Kenya Africa teaching youth soccer camps!

Soft shell crab, cheddar polenta, creole sauce

Tuna app: avocado, tuna tartare, pineapple, cucumber, seaweed, wasabi caviar, chili sauce.

Tropical shrimp salad: mango, pineapple, red onion, heart of Palm, pineapple dressing